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Easy way to identifiy your iPhone model name, example iPhone 5s

Easy way to identify your iPhone model name, example iPhone 5s

The method is basically is the same for rest of Apple smartphones models, you just need to find out the model number that comes on the iPhones, Settings=>General=>About=>Model number and on, you need to type that model number(A1457)

1- Setting
Click the home button, to go back to Home, and click on “Settings
iphone setting

2- Open Settings and select “General

Iphones, settings,general

3- On “General”, select or click on “About

Settings, General, About

Next to Model you’ll see an alphanumeric code almost certainly beginning with an M. Click on model number(example, ME4238/A) and it will change to the version starts with “A1457”, as you find out on the picture.

Model number A1457

and you want to know the model name, click here

You just need to type the Model number, A1457, and the model name will appear as you can see on the picture

Identifier model name

Once clicked on the model number “A1457”, you can find out mode more information about your iPhone.


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