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Why my smartphone switch between 4G and 3G networks

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Why my smartphone switch between 4G and 3G networks

The HSPA+(High Speed Packet Access Plus) and Exchanged Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) are 3G.  Long Term Evolution(LTE) is a fourth generation (4G) technology for wireless broadband access

The 3G network is probably set to push a smartphone to 4G if the phone is capable and LTE(4G) coverage is available.

  1.  The interworking issues between several vendors (one on 3G and another one on 4G) can be the reason you smartphone switch from 4G to 3G.
  2. The smartphone can switch from 4G to 3G, GPRS or GSM to save battery when that is low. If there no 4G coverage or satured the carrier could balance traffic between different network available.
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Cellular technologies

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The cellular technology

There are a number of different digital cellular technologies, including: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), cdmaOne, CDMA2000, Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO), Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT), Digital AMPS (IS-136/TDMA), Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN), Long Term Evolution(LTE) is a fourth generation (4G) technology for wireless broadband access. Because of its compatibility with 3rd generation (3G) and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX), it enables users to make voice calls and access data networks even when they are in areas without LTE coverage. LTE also offers data
rates far greater than 3G. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) is a 4th generation (4G) technology used for broadband wireless access. 802.16 provides a signal range of up to 30 miles (50 km), and implements Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms for controlling throughput.

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Multicast,broadcast and unicast are Data transmission methods

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Multicast,broadcast and unicast are Data transmission methods

The multicast transmission:
It is a transmission method in which data is sent from a server to specific nodes that are predefined as members of a multicast
group. Network nodes not in the group ignore the data. Communication with nodes outside of a multicast group must be done through unicast or broadcast transmissions.Multicast data transmission

Broadcast transmission:
It is a transmission method in which data is sent from a source node to all other nodes on a network.
Network services that rely on broadcast transmissions generate a great deal of traffic.
Occasionally, nodes use broadcast transmissions to check for the availability of a particular service on the network.
If the service is not available, the nodes broadcast a request for the service. If a server is present, it responds to the request.Broadcast data transmission

Unicast transmission:
It is a method for data transfer from a source address to a destination address. Network nodes not involved in the transfer ignore
the transmission. Unicast transmission is the predominant mode of transmission on LANs and the Internet. Some familiar unicast
applications are Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Unicast data transmission

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QoS is Quality of Service

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QoS is Quality of Service

When configuring Quality of Service(Qos), you are specifying how bandwidth is prioritized. Priority is commonly assigned via media access control(MAC) addresses, physical router ports, or by individual application names and port numbers.

Depending of the type of router, more advanced QoS features may also be configured. To complete the configuration required in the scenario you would add the MAC address of the computer used to stream video and games and then assign it a high priority.

In resume, is to give more priority to this device over the rest, like the Police and ambulance have more priority on the road than the rest.

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BT Home Hub, do not support QoS

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BT Home Hub, do not support QoS

After double check the available setting options on the BT home hub

I did not find any option to set up a QoS and I tried the “Advanced Settings”, there are nothing only the next message:

Advanced Settings
Your BT Home Hub’s settings are pre-set and don’t need to be adjusted for general use for most Broadband access or home networks.
However, you can use your Hub’s Advanced Settings to set up specific applications or complex networks.


Once I have clicked on “Continue to Advanced Settings”, there not any option to setup nothing, as well as you see on the image:

 Advanced Settings
Select one of the tabs above if you wish to change your wireless, Broadband, home network, port forwarding or system settings, or return to the basic settings.

BThome Adavanced settings

Note: That is setting configuration for BT hub3.

Developers Google Google webmaster webmasters tools

Google API manager

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Google API manager

Creating an API for a Reverse Geocoding With Google Map API And PHP!

After created an API key, when I trying to test it, I have received the next message:


“error_message” : “This IP, site or mobile application is not authorized to use this API key. Request received from IP address, with empty referer”,
“results” : [],
“status” : “REQUEST_DENIED”

google api reverse enconding

Editiing/creating a Credential for a Browser API key

Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (websites) (Optional)
Use asterisks for wildcards. If you leave this blank, requests will be accepted from any referrer.
Be sure to add referrers before using this key in production.



Once I click to save, I have received the next message:

Sorry, there’s a problem. If you have entered information, check it and try again.
Otherwise, the problem might clear up on its own, so check back later.

Google saving a credential

Using the console for developers by Google

Google Google webmaster

One account for all Google is true?

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One account for All Google is not 100% true?

It looks like with one account in Google is for all Google, but here you can find out is not 100% true.

1- I use my Google account to access my https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools, where I set up the domain camssay.com and camssay.co.uk. I have verified them on webmasters website. Check it on the next images:

camssay.com verified on Google webmaster tools

camssay.com verified on Google webmaster tools

camssay.co.uk verified on Google webmaster tools

camssay.co.uk verified on Google webmaster tools

2- Once I tried to create an API by using the console of developers(https://console.developers.google.com), using the same account.
When I have added my project, on the “Credentials”. Using the option “Domain verification” by adding my sames domains names(camssay.com and camssay.co.uk)
add domain again

Google asks again to verify the same domain:
camssay.com verify again

I believe to be like one account for all Google, should not ask two times for a verification(like admin in both side). If I have verified my domain name using the same Google account on the Google webmaster tools, Google should not ask again to verify the same domain on Console developers. The first verification was with Google not on Yahoo, Baidu, Bing or Yaindex, so is not sense to ask again.

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Ethernet standards

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The Ethernet standards

Technology Type media Data rate Maximum distance
10Base-T UTP (Cat 3 or better) 10 Mbps 100m
100Base-TX UTP (Cat 5 or better) 100 Mbps 100m
100Base-T UTP (Cat 5 or better) 100 Mbps 100m
100Base-FX Multimode fiber 100 Mbps 2km
1000Base-T UTP (Cat 5e or better) 1 Gbps 100m
1000Base-LX Multimode fiber 1 Gbps 550m
1000Base-LX Single-mode fiber 1 Gbps 5km
1000Base-LH Single-mode fiber 1 Gbps 10km
1000Base-ZX Single-mode fiber 1 Gbps 70km
10GBase-SR Multimode fiber 10 Gbps 20-300m
10GBase-LR Single-mode fiber 10 Gbps 10-25km
10GBase-LW Single-mode fiber 10Gbps 10km
10GBase-EW Single-mode fiber 10 Gbps 40km
10GBase-ER Single-mode fiber 10 Gbps 40km
10GBase-SW Multimode fiber 10 Gbps 300m
10GBase-T UTP (Cat 6a or better) 10 Gbps 100m

The wiring standard are TIA/EIA 568A and TIA/EIA 568B
TIA/EIA 568A and TIA/EIA 568B

Adwords Google Practice exam

Google Adwords, using it in the right way?

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Google Adwordss, using it in the right way?

You should set up properly, where and when you want your advertising to be display to the potential customers,

you’ll learn how to:

  • Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads as a part of a well-rounded inbound marketing campaign
  • Use the right keywords to create relevant (and highly searchable) ads and landing pages
  • Recognize keyword match types and when to use them
  • Create your Google AdWords account and set budgets
  • Optimize your ad copy to maximize clicks
  • Determine the right goals and metrics for your ads
  • Choose exact locations, and right placement.
Google Adwords, choose the location

Bellerby’s College in Google Adwords, choose the location

The advertising of Bellerbys college appeared in a website in UK. Why paying Google to advertise your ads in UK, if 100% of customers are foreigner?
I believe that you should not include UK as location for you Ads. if Bellerby’s college choose the location where the current students come from likely the college will get more customers, in that case more students.

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Internet Connection Testing

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Internet Connection Testing

We’re experiencing some latency issues and  you don’t know why that is or what could be going on. Maybe you want to know exactly the speed of you Internet is that your provider told you.

You should test your Internet speed. There a lot of website that can help you like  www.mybroadbandspeed.co.uk/speedtester

You must to close all applications and programs that are using the Internet in your computer before you check your connection speed. Open a web browser, and type or copy this:  www.mybroadbandspeed.co.uk/speedtester

Step 1: Just click on the bottom “Begin test”



Step 2 Just hold on at the of test to see the result like what appear in the next picture:

Download speed: 33.10 Mbps and Upload:11.23 Mbps