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CRM(Customer Relationship Management), must help to increase profits, but you must to follow a few stepe to achieve successful CRM.

How to Achieve Successful CRM

Whichever platform you select do the following those things well to achieve great success.

You CRM, must be able to integrate our others systems, example, financial system, Human Resource and the sales force must receive all information they need on their mobile platform(smartphone, tablet, laptop and etc.) The good CRM must part our system!

Maintain Institutional Knowledge

One of the most valuable aspects of a good CRM is to have a repository of information about your company’s opportunities and customers. This is probably one of the most overlooked aspects of a good CRM. Using a shared spreadsheet on a network drive just doesn’t cut it. A disgruntled employee might delete the file. Invest in a platform with role-based security.

Coordinate Across Departments

It’s about more than just sales and salespeople. Have you ever called a customer to talk about your new offering only to find out that they are having a major problem right now? Most of us have had that happen. Ensure that your entire organization uses the platform to document customer interactions. Of course, your salespeople need the discipline to check the system before contacting the customer.

Tight email integration

Most of your communication is likely via email. Don’t make your team jump through hoops to capture email conversations in the CRM. If you don’t have seamless integration with your email system, you are either using an antiquated email platform, or a soon-to-be-outdated CRM platform. Once you type the client or prospect’s name the system should forever link that email to their CRM record.

Native Mobile Support

I don’t need to convince you that mobile is essential. If your team can’t access what they need from tablets and smartphones, then you’ve made a bad investment. When the customer calls while you are on the road, you should have easy access to everything about their account.

Effective Follow-up and Automation

The greatest value in an effective CRM platform is the ability to remind sales reps to follow-up with opportunities at the right time. There are tools like Yesware and Contactually that integrate with email platforms to make your life a bit easier.

Know the Three Things You Need

Focus on the most important elements that tell you “which opportunities are real.” For my money, you should be tracking 1) What problem is the customer trying to solve; 2) Why is it important for them to solve that issue with urgency; and 3) How will they measure success of the solution. If you have that information, you are 90% of the way toward successful, same-side selling.