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5 Best PHP Frameworks For Modern Web Developers In 2018

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5 Best PHP Frameworks For Modern Web Developers In 2018

Those in the know will agree that PHP is the most commonly used language when it comes to server side script writing. For those unclear on the subject, PHP allows developers such as magneto ecommerce developers to make complicated sites as well as apps.

Thanks to it’s widespread use, there are now plenty of platforms through which users can code PHP. The platforms build the general aspect so the user can focus on specific tasks. Here we take a look at the top frameworks for 2018.


Statistics by Google show that this is the most used platform this year. A major reason that it is so popular is due to the huge eco system that makes developing web apps a much simpler task. The authentication aspect is slimmed down and easy to understand while apps can be deployed in a short amount of time. The Blade engine handles repetitive tasks such as caching while Laravel is also know to be better at processing documentation. Any well known development company such as a company that provides magneto development services is sure to have developers that are knowledgeable in Laravel.


This platform is famed for it’s stability and is known to have a high processing rate, a result of its way of caching byte codes. The reuseable codes available make it easy to mass produce web apps. The way the platform works means finding any faults in the code is a simpler task so developers often create systems that are completely free of errors. The simplicity of the platforms makes it a hassle free experience for just about any developer and is compatible with all popular methods used with web designing.


CodeIgniter has been around for a little more than a decade – eleven years to be exact – and has managed to maintain an avid user base throughout the time. This is partly because of the easy to use system. It’s a good platform for those who are designing a site with a widespread scope. The multitude of plugins present make it easy to complete complicated tasks while security is not a worry. It has to be mentioned that the platform is light weight so installing it and maintaining it is not really a hassle.

Cake PHP

If you are looking for a functional PHP developing platform that looks the part, then Cake PHP will not disappoint. Stable and secure, it has been popular among developers for over ten years. A range of documentation tools and security tools ensure that developers can get tasks done with minimum hassle while the lively society on the platform makes it easy to connect with people and figure solutions for any problems you might come across.


Yii has a fleet of features which can drastically cut down the time spent on developing apps or websites. These include features like I18N/L10N and role based access controlling to name a few. Even though it is one of the oldest platforms currently available, Yii is still considered to be faster than other platforms due to its no frills attached and object oriented focus.

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